“How a Pair of ‘Gravity Defying Shoes’ Can Quickly Turn You Into a Jaw-Dropping Truly Hypnotic Copywriter – and Make You Taller, Thinner and Sexier, too!”


Dear Friend,

I’m now taller, slimmer, more confident and ohhhh so much sexier, too.  

What happened?  

I slipped on a pair of “Gravity Defyer” shoes and my life changed.  

And so did my copywriting.  

The whole amazing story is explained on this audio training. On this one you’ll hear me interview a young copywriter who’s had no formal training AT ALL in copywriting – yet he writes copy so powerful and so hypnotic that it causes me to spend money and then hunt down the copywriter!  

The copywriter is Jared Tracy. You’ve never heard of him before. He works for a giant mail order company selling gadgets. Because of his training in a special course on personal development, he knows how to get into the heads of readers – and then cause them to part with their money, as if they were zombies doing his bidding.  

I know, because I was one of those zombies!  

In this audio training you’ll hear about --  

  • The Story of the Gravity Defyer Shoes and why I tracked down the person who wrote the copy
  • Why the ad is great example of hypnotic copy
  • The power of stories in copy
  • Credits communication skills from participating in Landmark education
  • How to get into the other person's world, into the space of really understanding other people
  • Why experiencing the product or service you are going to write about is key
  • The role of being genuinely excited
  • The secret to Hypnotic Writing of ANYTHING
  • When writing - ask questions and write the answers (the answers are the copy)
  • Note that the springs inside of shoes was not a new idea, but the technology made it a reality and affordable – So you can profit from the old, too
  • How to determine the right price
  • The power of Hypnotic graphics
  • Key books you may never of heard of before that will help your sales

The list of topics and benefits goes on, of course.  

This is one of my favorite audio trainings of all time.  

Not only is Jared sincere and open, but he talks about hypnotic copy from a completely different perspective. He’s in the real world, getting real results, and he hasn’t had any real training to do so.  

Learn his real secrets in this audio training!  

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And get this: you can “test drive" it for 1 whole year. (That's 365 days!)

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Go for it.

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